maybe human's not such a bad thing to be.

october 1st.

the past week has torn me apart, physically and emotionally. last night i came home from a ten hour day at work feeling nothing overwhelming tiredness and extreme hunger. i missed my mom and nicole, the only constant sources of comfort in my life.

i’m not really sure why; i had just seen them a few days ago.

& i cried. & i passed out.

6 hours later, i was up and packing for a 7am train ride to new york city. i always find myself packing the hour before i have to leave when i travel. procrastination never dies.

and now here i am - on a train - in the mood to write about my dumb thoughts and feelings. i’ve never been to new york, the brooklyn fashion week show is tomorrow, i’m excited & scared & i’m probably going to die but it might be awesome.

i’ve been staring at autumn leaves for four hours.
i just want to take a nap.